29 January 2014

Adults with Food Allergies Support Group

In the United States alone there are 15 million people diagnosed with one or more food allergies. In the world, there are over 220 million diagnosed cases of food allergies. 

Trending today, more and more Adults are being diagnosed with multiple food allergies. There is no cure for FOOD allergies. A true food allergy is an autoimmune disorder that can affect multiple parts of the body. 

Food Allergies can strike at any point in a person's life. Allergic reactions can be severe and sometimes are known to become more severe with age. 

While children are very supported are this subject and parents remain very active, there are few places adults can turn to for support. Food impacts every aspect of our lives. It's emotional, it's mental, it's physical and it's social.

Food Allergy Gal has been fortunate to hear 1000's of stories of adults dealing with multiple food allergies in her career and has searched high and low to find a group in the United States that is only devoted to creating solutions and focusing of managing food allergies as an adult. 

Starting this group is a foundation for other support groups to develop in local areas. The goal is to bring adults together not to complain (although it's totally normal to discuss the struggles and be emotional, because it is) but to help each other by talking about solutions, ways to promote and support change, share safe food products, recipes, experiences and much much more.

 The more we come together and unify in numbers, the more we can create a community that creates change. 

Food Allergy Gal will host an ONSITE and VIRTUAL support group for food allergic adults. You can see or hear from others managing the same disorder. Gain the strength and support from the numbers coming together and know you are not alone in a world that often times can feel isolating and misunderstood. 

Even if you don't feel you need support, someone else may need your support, so consider joining to help others. 

How to sign up for Adults with Food Allergies Support Group: 

  1. Email: info@ilaraholland.com with subject: Adults with food allergies support group to be added to the group meeting list. 
  2. Meetings are now Tuesday nights @8:30 PM EST) 1,3, 4th weeks of the month. (Subject to change- so please connect directly to confirm)
      • Meeting ID: 270-856-126

Still not ready to join but want to stay connected to people with food allergies here are some suggestions. Like these pages or request to join these groups:

Not a fan of Facebook and want other suggestions, e-mail us. 


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