29 October 2012

Food Allergy Cards for "FoodAls," a proactive solution

One of the most common problems I see commercial kitchen facilities that is easy to fix, especially when it comes to food allergies or food intolerances, is communication and more often what gets LOST in translation. 

Proactive Solutions for fellow "FoodAl's"
1.  http://selectwisely.com/selectwisely/products/cards/food_allergy/fc000003.htm 
(This is a great card that comes laminated where you can list multiple allergens (3 on each card) and select what language you want to translate to. These are $15.00 each.

2. https://www.brokerfish.com/food-allergy-translation-cards/#select-your-allergy-type. The only thing missing from this is if you have multiple food allergies, you can't seem to download one card that will help you list them. (These are Free)

Real scenario: 
I was in a restaurant in Southern California. The place has a 5 star view of the Pacific Ocean, it was beautiful. I was excited to sit down with a stack of menus from my clients (reviewing and analyzing them to develop fixed gluten and allergen friendly items) and have lunch.  I tell my English speaking server I am allergic to dairy and ALL nuts (including peanuts). The server takes my order and says she explained my food allergies to the kitchen. My plate is brought to me by a Spanish speaking hostess and I ask her to check with the kitchen to see if there is any "mantequilla" (which is Spanish for butter.) She goes and speaks to the kitchen, but  in Spanish this time, and comes back, takes the plate from the table and says, "Yes it is cooked in a butter sauce, they didn't know you were allergic." Someone else says, "I forgot that butter was dairy." 

To the food allergic consumer, I say these food allergy cards could be a useful aid to you or your food allergic (foodal) child-*see above links

To the restaurant- I would say all training on food allergies should be given in English and Spanish (especially for the U.S.) or in any other language that is primarily spoken in the kitchen. Everyone can benefit from food allergy training and certification. 

Share your Food Allergy Story (Positive or Negative) with Kitchens with Confidence- See details here: 

For more information about developing food allergy policies and plans for restaurants or commercial kitchen certification, please contact the food allergy experts at www.ilaraholland.com or email info@ilaraholland.com This is a service offered nationwide and in multiple countries. Sponsor Food Allergy Gal: http://foodallergygal.blogspot.com/p/sponsorship-opportunities.html

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