07 December 2012

Dining out, took me out for 6 days!

One late afternoon while out shopping for shoes with my son, we were both starving. I suggested to Luke we split a burger and fries at a local restaurant. The restaurant was nearly empty as it was an off hour (Always good for a "foodal" (food allergic person), because usually there is more time to explain food allergies and ensure a higher level of safety.

I notified my very nice server that I had food allergies. The menu even stated, "Please notify us of your food allergies." --------------->

I had a lot of faith in this local spot, as they had very good intentions, including offering an Udi's gluten free bun (which under most circumstances is also soy, nut, dairy free, thereby safe for me to eat). The server, while nice, did NOT write down my food allergies and as I was trying to state them, she sort of quickly ran over me without finishing listening. This again goes back to why restaurants need to be certified in order to adequately and safely serve the food allergic and intolerant. 

I only got the first 3 food allergies out, before she stopped listening and began telling me about the items I might be able to have. I was trying desperately to be proactive, by just asking what the contents of the items we were ordering were. She assured me I would be fine. Yes, during the meal, I was fine, with one small little incident with a sauce where I felt flush after eating it, so didn't consume anymore. Then I paid the bill, stood up and BAM! This dizzy feeling came over me, as if I had 2 glasses of wine in a hurry and I hadn't had anything but water to drink. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to fall backward, as my son and I walked down the street. 
By the time I got home (only a quick 5 minute drive) I could barely stand up straight. My stomach was nauseated, the left side of my throat hurt, I knew I was in a danger zone. I took two Benadryl  knowing I was going down for the count. I didn't have my Epi pens, or I would have done an injection immediately. It got worse. I fell into a deep sleep for 12 hours. The next day moving anywhere but the bathroom was a slow one eye open process. 
This time, my dining out test made me very angry! Furious in fact. I had my daughter call the restaurant to try to get a run down of the ingredients again, but this time all the server could say is, "She had Udi's gluten free bun." (Udi's carries a host of products and buns, not all of which are approved for me, but the bun did look like the one I am o.k. with- I assure you, it wasn't the buns fault or Udi's) She did not give me the ingredients list, or type of bun, she didn't know the answers to most of the questions or even how to respond. I felt a little sorry for her, but not as sorry as I was to face being severely ill.  
Before we start to rule how other things might have caused this, let me state: 
1. My son did not get sick, as he is not allergic to anything, so it was not food poison. 
2. It wasn't the flu (as no one else in my house is sick)
3. I hadn't eaten anywhere else that day or that week. 

I was sick as a direct result of ignorance and negligence. Maybe she knew some of my food allergies, but did she communicate that to the kitchen or just tell them no dairy, no nuts. What about the 7 other allergies. It's day 3, and I'm still ill. My stomach is still going nuts, I haven't been able to eat a proper meal. I have said at least 25 times, "I never want to eat out again."

My review of Tavern on 2, if I was a non-food allergic would be great. The atmosphere is lovely. The presentation was great. The menu selection was certainly creative and full of foodie favorites. The chorizo lamb burger was spicy and full flavored. The fries were tasty. 

My review as a "food allergic:" Unless they are certified in the near future, I will never eat here again, nor recommend it to anyone with food allergies or food intolerance. To me this chorizo lamb burger is the thing that ruined my life for 3 1/2 days. I still woke up this morning with a talking stomach, a half dollar size welt and a dime size welt on my back, nausea and well... I'll spare you the rest of the details. If I wasn't a consultant and the person I am,  I'd sue them for negligence and 3 1/2 lost days of school and work, not to mention the money we spent on the meal and pain and suffering. 

Share your Food Allergic Experiences, below, in comments. What is your recommendation for better dining out experiences?  Have you heard of AllergyEats? 

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  2. Allergy Eats,
    I was trying to for the last few days, but they aren't listed on the site. Let me know when they are up, I'm happy to review them for you.

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  5. You can contact Allergy Eats directly to have the restaurant added. They're using a mass market product.

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  7. Thanks. I have read many of your posts, it really good and interesting.

    1. I hope it helps. I know there are 220 million diagnosed with food allergies worldwide and many adults being diagnosed late onset with multiple food allergies. Thanks for the support and taking the time to read. If there is anything else I can do or my team can, we're happy to help.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for the support. Let us know if we can do anything to help.

  9. Very nice post, I like it very much, dining out is interesting.

  10. I do go for dinner outside on a regular basis.Best part of this is you can have differnet food every time.

  11. Very well composed.Keep it up


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