14 December 2012

Make a difference in a Food Allergics Life

How you can make a difference in this holiday season for "FoodAls:"

1. Share your Food Allergy Story- Calling all Food Allergics, those who love them and Restaurateurs: http://kitchenswithconfidence.com/story/ (Doing this will give others a chance to learn from successes and mistakes made in those serving the food allergic.) 

2. Ask every restaurant you visit if they have a special dining menu (gluten free, allergen guide, food allergy friendly menu). If they do, report it on AllergyEats.com. If they don't, let them know how much it would mean to you and/or your family and friends, if they did and let them know there are consultants to help them. 

3. Ask bakeries if they have or plan to carry products safe to your food needs. Everyone should get to eat cake at least once a year, if not an occasional pastry.  

4. In your Grocery Stores, if they don't have specialty items, which you have to shop elsewhere to get, ask them to start carrying your special products or turn them into their websites and let them know there is a consultant who can help them. 

5. Get Food Allergy Cards for yourself or as a gift to your "FoodAl"
a.  http://selectwisely.com/selectwisely/products/cards/food_allergy/fc000003.htm 
This is a great card that comes laminated where you can list multiple allergens (3 on each card) and select what language you want to translate to. These are $15.00 each.
b. https://www.brokerfish.com/food-allergy-translation-cards/#select-your-allergy-type. The only thing missing from this is if you have multiple food allergies, you can't seem to download one card that will help you list them. (These are Free)

6. Label Food at parties. I know these might seem really hard, but by putting a sign in front of certain items that says what ingredients are in the dishes, or even a piece of tape with the ingredients listed, helps guests who might be allergic or avoid eating, know what's in the dish so they can make an educated decision on what to eat, without bothering the host or person who prepared the dish. Sometimes "special/secret" ingredients which might be very creative can be deadly to others. (i.e. peanut butter frosting on a chocolate cupcake.)  

Where to send food service business owners in search of help with food allergies and gluten (sensitivities:) www.kitchenswithconfidence.com or www.ilaraholland.com

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