26 January 2013

2013 Restaurant Trends

The top 4 restaurant trends predicted by restaurant experts for 2013
Restaurant nutrition: Growth in menu labeling will increase nutrition awareness among many restaurant users, compelling some operators to add vegetable entrees and appetizers; expand their use of whole grains, such as buckwheat and quinoa; or use salts less for cooking and more as dish-finishing components or customer-applied garnishes.
What this really means is that consumers are demanding transparency in their menus. Where this was issue #4, last year it seems to be issue #1 this year. Restaurants aren't quite getting it right and clearly they are not understanding what services are really being requested. Consumers have begun to realize good food can taste great without all the preservative crap. They also realize they need to know what is in their food because of the "We are what we eat" concepts. As mysterious health issues continue to rise people have realized that what we put into our bodies is a direct result of what we end up getting sick from. This concept creates a rise in food allergy awareness.
I highly recommend using http://kitchenswithconfidence.com for nutritional guides. 
Localvore concepts: We’ll see rising numbers of farm-to-fork concepts that offer regional craft beers and wines and regularly changing menus of upscale comfort foods made with local produce and culinary customs in mind. The settings may include salvaged fixtures or building materials.
Day part growth: The growth in snacking will continue as around-the-clock dining moves closer to the mainstream and operators look for ways to build checks and meet Millennials’ hunger for group grazing. Street foods will inspire many small plate offerings, and thoughtful infusion of “global flavors” will increase their craveability.

Special Request Menus: This ties right into concept 1. Diners have begun to realize there are specialized Gluten Free, Allergen Friendly, Vegan, and Vegetarian menus available. They will ask you for them, are you prepared? The more options available to special needs/request diners, the higher ticket prices you will see from them and the more Raving, Loyal Friends they will have. Restaurants who safely serve and prepare for special needs diners and market their services, will see a revenue boot. iLaraHolland.com offers specialized menu services, including sourcing alternative ingredients. 

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