23 April 2013

Food Allergy Solutions Commercial Kitchens



Save time: Ingredient training, training on specific ingredients, finding packages, reading and understanding labels 
Save Money: staffing, printing menus, 
Increase Exposure to new clients being listed to 1000's

  1. 150 million people diagnosed with food allergies, worldwide
  2. 38% of the population reporting one or more food intolerance
  3. Most people with food allergies (especially multiple food allergies) cannot eat out, because it isn't safe and most food service professionals don't have the knowledge and expertise it takes to serve them. 
  4. Over 425 Million People have one or more special dietary need- from celiac disease to vegans. 

LaraHolland's Solutions for Food Service Business:
Our food allergy consulting practice has developed a comprehensive, full service solution designed to help both the food allergic and the food service industry. 
Simple steps  include: 

1. Training & Certification for foodservice professionals
2. Menu/Ingredient Technology 
3. Alternative Cooking Skills (AllerFriendly Cuisines), New Recipes, Kitchen Certification,  Alternative Product Sourcing
4. Safety Audits and Checkups to ensure safety and limit liability. 

We have numbers to show catering to food allergic, can increase food service sales 8%-25%. 

Contact LaraHolland today to learn how you can be a Food Allergy/Gluten Friendly Kitchen.   www.ilaraholland.com  Keep in touch by following us on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus, or LinkedIn
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