12 August 2013

Cooking Classes with Food Allergy Gal- Register Now.

Cooking and Eating with Food Allergies is a major pain and can be overwhelming. I know many of us don't go out to eat anymore because we fear the massive illness that may come on afterward. 
Even if you only have 2 food allergies, there may be "hidden" allergens in foods you wouldn't think about. For example, "olive oil spray may not just be olive oil, it could contain soy, sea salt, corn, or many other things that may also cause a reaction. 

You can request an AllerCoach in your area to do a customized cooking class and they will even shop with you for safe products. 
You can request a customized allergy friendly cooking class at your location (must have 10+ participants) with Food Allergy Gal and our approved chefs, by contacting us, here.

See more at: http://ilaraholland.com/upcoming-events.html#sthash.TDSmbzEA.dpuf

Recently Featured in the News: http://www.foodquality.com/details/article/5082391/Food_Allergies_on_the_Rise.html

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