18 October 2013

Food Industry: Test your knowledge! What we don't know could hurt millions and cost us business.

What do we really know?

By Food Allergy Gal


Chefs, cooks, wait staff and managers constantly think managing food allergies is no big deal- or at least that is what we tell the customer. --- deeper investigation reveals a different story.  The food industry, as a whole, knows very little about food allergies, gluten, and other special dietary needs, yet we want to increase business, understand food trends and stay in food SERVICE and HOSPITALITY business…. So let’s just test our knowledge right now and find out what gaps we need to fill in. 

How many people have food allergies in the U.S?

How many people have food allergies in the world?

Is Gluten a top 10 food allergen?

What are the top 10 food allergens in the U.S?

Does every country have the same food allergies?

Can you fry out a food allergen?

Does it really matter if the same knife touches that cuts butter is used to prepare a dairy free meal for a customer allergic to dairy?

Are eggs considered dairy when talking about food allergies?

What is celiac disease?

What is gluten? What is it found in?

How serious is Celiac disease over food allergies?

Can someone die if they ingest something they are allergic to?

Are food allergies just in people’s heads- are they really just picky eaters? (Answer Truthfully)

If you can answer all of these correctly without cheating- please send me the answers in an email and I’ll send a super special gift. Info@ilaraholland.com  Bonus if you can get your staff to take this quiz and everyone passes with 100%. The thing is if you can’t answer all these questions and get 100% on them- you are at risk for serious liability in the kitchen, to the staff, to the business. You will face fines, lawsuits, poor ratings, heath department violations and worst of all potential closure of the restaurant. ****Disclaimer, you must be in food service or hospitality industry to get prize****

For the best, most efficient solution in the industry- please contact my office directly at (310) 728-0629 or email info@ilaraholland.com

If you don't believe that lack of knowledge is hurting you- read the comments posted by those in the F.A. community around the globe- (Comments are at the bottom on this article) ... Read More.

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