29 December 2013

An Exclusive Interview with 'Top Chef" fan favorite Chef Kevin Gillespie

In Part 3 of of our Food Perspectives series I shared Chef Kevin Gillespie's view on special diets in today's world. Read more. What are your thoughts? Contribute in comments below or send a message to Food Allergy Gal.

Each chef is really talented and they have a lot 'on their plates' literally and figuratively. If you asked a novice to prepare a meal for 20 people they would be terrified and probably not enjoy the experience of cooking very much. The point is, the reasons why the foodservice industry doesn't like to accommodate food allergies is because they generally don't have the education and tools they need to easily make adjustments. Once you start doing it and are equipped with the tools and knowledge, it's a wonderful and enriching experience.
I hope each chef will take the time to let down their perceptions and egos for a minute and come join Food Allergy Gal in the AllerSmartMenu program.

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  1. Well Written! I think there are some very important points made here about patrons. I ordered a gluten hamburger but with something that was not gluten free. Confused, the manager came to speak to me and I had to say that I was curious about what a gluten free bun tasted like, but that no, I was not allergic to gluten. I was impressed by his catch but sad when I realized how many folks mis-use allergies to "get their way".

    I appreciate Chef Kevin's honesty and what his restaurant can provide. He is clear up front what he can and can not do and I appreciate this to no end.

    Great article, bringing up important points.

  2. Maureen Burke
    Owner at One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli, Bakery

    I see his point about those saying they are gluten intolerant and then eating bread...that is a big problem for those of us with Celiac Disease and Food Allergies. I am so glad our restaurant is free of Gluten (Wheat, Rye, Barley), Oats, Soy, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish and Sesame and we have a separate kitchen that is also completely Casein and Dairy Free too. I think the biggest problem is that chef's are not taught about the allergens or the sub ingredients that contain those allergens. I agree with him, the food allergy poster is a joke because it does not help to list out the top allergens only; a chef or cook needs to know where those allergens hide and the many other names that the allergen goes by. It all comes down to education. Many restaurants claim to have a gluten free menu and they have Barley Soup on it; scary! I on the other hand have to live Gluten and Allergen Free and therefore my restaurant is a safe haven for those of us who have to take this very seriously.


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