21 December 2013

Food Perspectives

I have been hard at work interviewing an array of people across the United States to get various perspectives on how we view food. Of course because I am, Food Allergy Gal, I will always have a certain story I go after and certain questions that I will likely ask. 

I had an idea when I first began the interviews and instead of me writing the story time and time again, I decided to let each person's voice just stand alone so I am featuring 10 articles from the "Inside Out" and "Outside In" over the next few weeks. 

Part 1 with Chef Mike. It really nicely pairs with the article that I accidently wrote about FARE, a non profit organization which claims to support and help 15 million Americans who have been diagnosed with food allergies.  Honestly it has done nothing for me in the last 11 years I've been struggling with food allergies. I'm hoping to turn that around though, with the new organization structure they have in place. 

CEO of FARE, John Lehr said that he felt the food industry as a whole was doing a great job to support and understand food allergies. He doesn't have food allergies himself and I wonder how many times he has been out to eat with someone who suffers with multiple food allergies. When I asked another person in the organization to provide a list of all possible 160 food allergens, she stressed, "We only focus on the Top 8." This is after John Lehr had said one of the largest trends in food allergies today is that they see people not just being diagnosed with ONE but MULTIPLES of food allergies. 

So for an organization that claims to be the "authority" and "go to people" on food allergies, this could be the very root of the problem. If they won't focus on what's beyond the top 8 and really explain the impact food allergies have on people, how can the food industry and government be supportive and really stand to make changes. 

All of this leads me to why I started LaraHolland, Food Allergy Gal consulting company 2 years ago. I am THAT person who is a connection between a non profit, the medical doctors, the restaurants, the commercial kitchens, the schools, and of course the food allergic. Additionally I write articles for various publications. It just so happens that in these interviews I found there was more of a need than ever to do exactly what I do... and here is the evidence to support that. 

The FARE articlehttp://www.examiner.com/article/charity-when-is-life-fare
The first Inside Out: Chef's Perspective Articlehttp://www.examiner.com/article/inside-out-the-chef-s-perspective
Up Next hear perspective from the Outside In: Part 2:  Special Foodie Perspective.

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