21 May 2014

AllergyHero: Expand the help zone

Jim Sweet is a recent college grad and passionate about allergy awareness, education and safety. After seeing one of his very close friends have allergic reactions to garlic over and over and not having his epinephrine auto injector with him, he began working on AppiPen (now called AllergyHero)

In a number of circumstances sheer luck has kept his friend from life threatening danger. When Jim Sweet found out there were over 300,000 hospitalizations per year in the United States, due to anaphylaxis reactions and 2/3 of epinephrine perception carriers,  don't carry their devices with them, he was even more inspired to develop a solution, specifically one that could be available to anyone.

AllergyHero is a mobile app that allows users to locate and alert a network of subscribed epi auto-injector carriers in their area in the event of an anaphylactic emergency. People all over
the country have signed up to download AllergyHero. It’s free and will be released in
the app stores by June 2014. Together we can build a safer and more connected community!

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Are you a Food Allergic Adult or do you know one? Join our weekly support Group Calls. Just call in from anywhere in the United States and connect with more just like us. They are awesome, enlightening, fun and supportive.  Wednesday Nights 8:30 (EST)* meetings subject to change dates (Tue), please contact Support Group Leader to confirm.

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