09 July 2014

IgEvil vs. IgGhost: What's the difference

It's very late and I've had a very long few weeks but I am ever so thankful for my Food Allergic Adults support group calls weekly.  Tonight we discussed 3 fabulous topics but IgE vs. IgG is one topic we discussed in great detail.

I have no ideas what my levels are because I've only ever been tested via skin (by 2 allergist) but even if I did have a number, I'd probably forget it. I'm more focused on what I know will kill me or make me super sick than whatever the test says the number is. Others in our group have been both skin and blood tested some just blood tested.

When you have been tested for food allergies and food sensitivities via blood you will find out what your IgE or IgG level is. It's kind of like gauging "how allergic are you." The problem is the accuracy of any food allergy test is not that great. I also know it's scary to test the accuracy of the test though. Pregnancy test are far more accurate than food allergy test.

We came up with a clever way to remember IgE vs. IgG tonight though:  "IgE-vil" is because those are the allergens that react quickly and can be deadly within seconds. "IgG-host" can sit rather silent but is always there, sometimes it gives you a scare and other times nothing happens when you consume the food at first, it may take several hours.

All Allergies can be severe and we need to be very careful. Anyone can develop an allergy at any time in their life, from babies to seniors. The focus on being allergy aware is important but equally important that those with the allergy understand what's what in their diagnosis and autoimmune disorder. 
"Ig" stands for immunoglobulin.  "G & E" are the types of immunoglobulin. 

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