12 October 2014

Navigating life post diagnosis

Even as Food Allergy Gal,  I often find myself frustrated, irritated, hopeless, and depressed about living life with multiple, late onset food allergies. I've been diagnosed with not only food allergies, but seasonal allergies and environmental allergies for 12+ years now.  If that's not bad enough, I also have to live on a healthy kidney diet for 20 years, (not something I like to throw into the mix when speaking in public.)

People outside of food allergy world, think they understand food allergies. I recently tried to help someone get a speciality caterer to host a 50 person party and the food world said, "anyone should be able to do that, they don't need to be specialized." YIKES! This is why I created Food Allergy Gal to begin with. It's really not that easy and not that simple to understand.

I spend countless amounts of hours reading labels- not just on food products but on soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, medications, vitamins. I also have to watch cross reactivity constantly.

Sometimes it's just a little bit of support, a little understanding and some "right now solutions" to my immediate problem that make all the difference in the world. You know someone to help me quickly identify what I can have and what I can't, someone who can cook or shop with me that knows what they are doing, someone who can relate to me, someone who will help me navigate. So.....

I got tired of waiting for the solution...

I heard, met, saw, spoke to those who left jobs for their kids who were severely allergic. I heard the cries from the adults trying to keep their jobs with severe allergic reactions. I wanted to create solutions while we wait for the cure, because goodness knows.... if it's taking this long to find a cure for cancer, it may take a lot longer to find one for food allergies.

I created a program called AllerCoach. See FARE is too busy and often unable to provide real support, right now to those who don't have HUGE federal cases going on. When I first called them, I knew I had a problem but I didn't even know where to start or what to ask for. They don't have time to figure that stuff out. They also don't make a habit of employing those with multiple food allergies. They hire training non-profit professionals who work on fundraising, board meetings, in politics and legal. They hire people from other non-profits and depend on volunteers for the Food Allergy experience (who already devote a LOT of time and often get burned out quickly.)

I wanted to help others start businesses with a purpose and a passion that had experiences managing food allergies already and could help others 1:1 daily if needed. Real people, real world, real experience to navigate the daily live challenges we all face.

So if you need support in your community- our certified AllerCoaches can help.

Allercoaches are not doctors. They will not diagnose you. These are people who are trained to help you talk to doctors and bring the right information. (They may even go with you to the doctor's office).

Allercoahes are not expert trained culinary professionals but they sure know their way around the kitchen and a grocery store (online and in small towns). They will help guide you to safe and unsafe products for your specific needs. Assist with menu development that works with you may be comfortable cooking already.  They will help you prepare a safe kitchen and help you avoid obstacles you may not think about.

AllerCoaches are not quacks selling any product. They are 100% service based. They can't cure food allergies or offer you some magic potion to take. AllerCoaches are kind of like hospice for food allergic living people. They are guides, teachers, practical thinkers, PRO assistance, aids, support, etc.

Find an Allercoach near you: Contact us. Become an AllerCoach, click here.

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