28 January 2015

Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

In a world where we often feel isolated or alone in our disease, it's important to find opportunities to connect with others, find some additional resources and tools and have some fun. This year, 2015 there are a few ways to do that, thanks to these organizations. Click on each picture to get more details.

This year GFFA Fest will be in:
Austin, TX (Feb 28) (Certified AllerCoach, Flourish with Food Allergies will attend)
Tampa, FL (March 14)
Columbus, OH (April 25) (Food Allergy Gal, Thrive on Consulting, Food Allergy Dietician will all be there)
Portland, OR (September 26)

The National FARE convention will be in Long Beach, CA May 16-May 17, 2015. Food Allergy Gal will be attending. 

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