06 May 2015

Great Finds at the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest Columbus, OH

By Tami Pyles

On March 24th and 25th the gluten free and food allergy community came together in Columbus, OH for the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest hosted by Gluten Free and More (formerly Living Without).  It was two wonderful days of sharing, learning, and coming together as a community.  Food allergies can create feelings of isolation as our food crazed culture excludes us, but the GFFAFest provided an opportunity for those with food allergies to come together and provided access to multiple products and resources so we do not have to live without.

GFFA Fest was full of product samples, lectures and cooking demonstrations throughout the two day event. Food Allergy Gal and our team were presenting and scouring the exhibitors to find great products. Numerous companies offered great products, but there were three unique finds we wanted to share with you.

Master’s Hand BBQ
Master’s Hand makes BBQ sauces, rubs, dip mix and BBQ snacks that are all free of gluten, soy, dairy, MSG, smoke flavoring and artificial preservatives.  They also make jerky that is nitrate free.  Steven J. Beers, CEO, is also the creator of the sauce.  He began making the mild sauce 25 years ago and at his daughters urging he founded the company in 2010.  Based in Fort Wayne, IN , you can find their products in 80 regional stores or online at www.mastershandbbq.com.

Soodles Bake Shop
Bakery treats can be difficult for food allergic individuals to eat but Amy McCrea, whose own children have food allergies, has made it possible since her tasty baked goods are all free of  gluten, nuts, tree nuts (except coconut), soy, egg and dairy.  They can also do special order items free of allergens such as corn, rice or coconut. Soodles, based in Columbus, OH with a bakery on Dilmont Dr. and numerous local retail outlets, offers a full array of baked treats as well as breads, mixes crusts.  You can also order their items, including their most popular item the cinnamon coffee cake, online at www.soodlesbakeshop.com

The Soapy Soap Company
Personal care products, such as soap, can be tricky for food allergic individuals as they often contain oils or other allergens.  This company offers a wide array of soaps under their brand Sābūn.  These bars are all gluten free, vegan, halal, free of GMOs and cruelty free.  Started by two college roommates they have established their company in Bloomington, IN and are committed to making high-quality soaps.  Their Body Be Gentle line is made with olive oil and has very few ingredients making it a great choice for food allergic individuals.  Their soaps, and other products such as lip balms and essential oils, can be purchased online at www.soapysoapcompany.com.  When ordering online you can use the code GFOH2015 to receive a free lip balm with your purchase (while supplied last through 7/31/15) .

These, and other vendors, offer great products and resources for managing life with food allergies. To check out the full list of exhibitors at the Columbus GFFAFest click here. We will be writing more about the GFFAFest to continue to share the great information shared at the event.  Our next post about the GFFAFest will provide highlights from the presentation by Food Allergy Gal’s dietitian, Lisa Musician on balancing safe and healthy food choices. The complete list of speakers, can be found by clicking here.

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