Certification Standards

Food Allergy Gal Standards for Approval
Restaurant Certification Standards for Food Allergy Safe Approved 

  • Staff Training: (10% of Staff Members must be trained & pass certification test on food allergies – must be combination of FOH and BOH employees)

  • Onsite Allergen Manager (At least (1) Manager (BOH & FOH) must be onsite at each location, during guest service times who has been trained and certified in Food Allergen Management

  • Ingredient list: (Printed or electronic ingredient list must be accessible to consumers and staff at all times for all menu items)

  • Dedicated Menu: (At least 4 menu items must be free of at least 4 common allergens and carry a flavor profile. 4 dedicated menus must be available for allergen safe approved items)

  • Policy & Procedure Manual: (Facility must have a food allergy policy & procedures manual printed. Staff must know where this document is located at all times)

  • Site Visit: (Facility must participate in at least 1 site visit per year and be willing to accommodate up to 4 spot checks annually)

  • Allergen Safe Kits (Facility must have at least 1 dedicated kit for allergen free meal prep)

  • Kitchen Organization (Must demonstrate safe storage & cleaning practices)

  • Food Testing (Must participate in random food testing and be under 5 PPM for allergen free meals)

  • Signage (At Least 3 Signs must be posted in facility about Food Allergies including buy not limited to Menus, Posters, Welcome Signs)

What the Food Allergy Gal Approved! can do for your business:

Recognition from Food Allergy Gal's Certification provides tremendous marketability for all products or services approved to a $4.2 Billion market. The marketing benefits associate with the Certification Program are designed to facilitate product development and substantiate promotional claims to targeted groups of customers who are underserved and willing to pay for safe products. Included in certification:

  • Food Allergy Gal will provide a written summary of the results, a certificate of approval, and an electronic seal of approval stamp to be placed on packaging and/or website. 
  • A press release from Food Allergy Gal will be distributed to various, reputable publications and other organizations working in the community. 
  • Food Allergy Gal will display an ad on websites, with direct links to the product and promote via social media and other appropriate distribution channels. 
To apply to be a Food Allergy Approved! Product or Facility, please fill out the application, by clicking the link: http://goo.gl/forms/hE3NN9iiUb

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