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Autoimmune Disease & Adult Food Allergy Support Group

This support group is for people living with autoimmune disease & adult onset food allergies. This is a closed Facebook group only so that your comments are not seen by others who are not in the group. This group is not a substitute for medical care. The purpose is the bring people together who share common knowledge. This is not a FARE or AFFA approved group. Click the title above to join.

To list your group on this page, please e-mail us with the Location (Area), contact name, website and any other details you wish to provide.


  1. What a great idea! I look forward to participating.

  2. Just attended my second meeting today and it was excellent! I encourage all adults with a food allergy to visit this group and learn more about what you can do to help manage your life with ease.
    Thank you, Lara!

  3. I can't express how much I've learned from this wonderful group of ladies. Thank you again for doing this.

  4. It went Fabulous! We discussed everything from favorite snacks to what tracks are offered at the Fare conference in June to laundry detergents!!!!


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