Food Allergy Facts

Key Facts on Food Allergies
  1. Over 170 foods are documented to cause allergic reactions. 
  2. More people than ever before are diagnosed with multiple food allergies. 
  3. There is no cure for food allergies.
  4. Food allergies are an immune system disease that can be developed at any point in a person's life. (Yes, adults can develop food allergies.) 
  5. Food Allergies can be life threatening due to anaphylaxis shock. 
  6. There is only 1 medication that can stop anaphylaxis shock and it's not 100%. It's called Epinephrin. 
  7. True IgE mediated food allergies can only be diagnosed by an allergist. 
  8. The "Free From" market is estimated to represent $4.1 BILLION in food spending in 2015. 
  9. Allergies are the 5th Leading Chronic disease in the United States. 
  10. In the United States 8 allergens are required to be listed on packaged food goods. 
  11. In the UK 14 allergens are required to be identified & listed on any food products including menus in restaurants. 

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  1. It is interesting to me that there are so many food allergies that people have. I always just thought that there were just a few, since we only really hear about a few main allergies. My daughter has been showing a few symptoms of a food allergy lately, so I think it would be good to get this diagnosed. Then we can find out what she is allergic to in order to help keep her away from it so that she can stay healthy. Thanks for the post, it was really informative!

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