21 May 2013

You know are a _______________, when you....

You know you are an in a TRUE allergy, gluten friendly restaurant WHEN:

1. Staff ask at the door, "Does anyone in your party have food allergies or any food intolerance?"

2. Staff pulls a special color coded ticketing system when there is a food allergy/intolerance. 
3. Manager comes to the table and talks to you to tell you how they will handle your needs
4. Chef comes out and talks to you about what they have for YOU that day based on your needs or 
5. Restaurant prints a list of available dishes based on your dietary restrictions. (We have this system available- ask us)
6. You have repeat guest with food allergies who bring all their friends and family to eat with them. 
7. Staff know customers food allergies when they walk in the door.
8. You impress guest with appetizer, main and dessert they can eat with food allergies. 

You know you are a food allergic when menus like this make your day.  (Labels that tell them what they CAN have.) 

Food Allergy Gal developed a special system to work for restaurants and schools- Now you can input food allergies or special dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten free, vegan) and get a list of what is available or what modifications need to be made, once the facility has worked with us. 

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