04 September 2013

Safe Food, Healthy Business

Technology and Safety are two words I seem to hear every day in my world. Compliance, cost and quality follow closely behind. There are new applications for smart phones, new websites to follow, new social media strategies to keep up on. What's what in the food service industry and how do we keep up.?

Every week at least one solicitor calls me and wants me to sign up for something new and usually their strategy is to try to scare me or tell me how insignificant I am. Really? Does that really work? 

A few months ago I got a phone call from very nice man with a great accent. He gave me the vision of this application and how it helps the food service industry stay up to date with the latest in compliance and food safety. He asked me, Food Allergy Gal,  to partner with them to help deliver content on Food Allergy Information from a global perspective to help anyone with a smart phone stay up to date as questions arose on food safety. I'd like to introduce this new, FREE application to you: 
Safe Food, Healthy Business- Click the picture to get the details on the App. 

So here is what I like about the application:

The first thing is, they are always willing to make it better and open to suggestions. Just get in touch with them and tell them what you think and they listen and make updates to help your foodservice business. It's always up to date. 

The second thing is, it's information right at your finger tips. So when a customer comes in or the health department is scheduled for a visit or you need to contact someone who is close by and can give you services right away- it's all there. 

Third and best of all, IT is FREE now. Some people have had to pay for it in the past, but for now it's FREE. Take advantage of it, while you can by searching for it via the app store on i-tunes or clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/safe-food-healthy-business/id598196824?mt=8

Have a specific question: What are the top 14 allergens in the UK? What should the food temperature of chicken be? What are the latest recalls in food? Is the price of lettuce really going up or is just the salesman trying to scare me? (Let's consult the app and see)

To find out more information about this application, visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Safe-Food-Healthy-Business/157424181072565
or contact Emer or Michael directly: safefoodhealthybusiness@gmail.com

Breaking News: If you aren't really sure about what you are serving, this could happen to you: http://www.foodprocessing.com.au/news/63357--55K-fine-issued-for-food-allergy-offence

Lawsuits and Liababilty in serving without an education: Ignorance is not a defense for making someone sick. http://foodallergygal.blogspot.com/2012/08/business-at-risk-because-of-food.html

In other news we were just featured in this Food Quality article: http://www.foodquality.com/details/article/5082391/Food_Allergies_on_the_Rise.html

And Don't forget to ask us about how to get the AllerSmartMenu Program started for your food service business. When asked, "Does this have gluten, salt and sesame in it?" you can now consult the app and find out and present other items the guest may really enjoy and order more of (#RevenueIncrease) Red Robin did it for 8 allergens and now so can you. 


  1. I've been looking for a clinic for food allergies in Orlando, FL. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Sadly I have no connections in Orlando. I will definately reach out to the food allergy support groups and ask though. Are you connected to any other social media? If so I can also connect you to some of those groups. I will get back to you as soon as I hear.


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